Our Philosophy

Everything we do at Cardinal Ridge is based on achieving a single goal:  to provide the support residents need to live full and satisfying lives, while helping them maintain their independence and dignity.  Toward this end, we base our care-giving philosophy on these key values:

We sincerely respect our residents and their rights to privacy and dignity.

Our homes are Community Based Residential Facilities.  We foster a sense of community among staff and residents.  We work hard to ensure that our residents feel as if they are at home with a sense of belonging.

We encourage our residents to live life to its fullest by offering them the choice to join in a wide range of senior care programs and the opportunity to meet other residents.  See our Activity Calendar.

Assisted Living
By helping residents meet people with similar interests, giving them the chance to get involved in new activities, taking them to their medical appointments and providing daily assisted living services, their health improves.  And when their health improves, they can experience a richer, more fulfilling life with greater independence.

Our staff, residents and their families and friends are all part of the Cardinal Ridge team.  We instill in each team member a sincere belief that their individual efforts and contributions make a big difference to the resident's well being.