Dinner 2006

Children are ready to take their turn at the pinata. Marjorie and Ruth enjoy the day.
Judy and Lucille are having a good time. Grace is the winner of the grand prize.
Annette, Diane, and Jack are having a great time. Administrator Karen and son take a break.
Fern and her Unity guests enjoy their time together. Hazel and her granddaughter smile big.
The children gather the candy from the pinata. Mother and daughter enjoy the day.
Margaret gets a hug from her grandson. The weather was beautiful.
Visitors and staff are having a good time, too. Grace had a table full of guests - and then some!
Verna and family picked a nice spot. Bernice and family are having a great time.
Anderson brothers enjoy the day. Our tent was full of guests.
Leonard and family enjoy the food. Our appreciation cake before it got eaten.