Dinner 2008

Roger and Jerry entertain. Staff love on Verna.
Loren entertains. Our carnival themed volunteers.
Richard and friends entertain. Roger dances to the music.
Staff prepare the food. Staff prepare the dessert table.
Don is ready to party. Hazel enjoys her day.
Minni enjoys the food. Verna loves the attention with her granddaughter.
Owner Larry and family were at the appreciation dinner, too. Family enjoys the hot summer day.

Cardinal Ridge staff take a bow.

Sparkie is the grand prize winner.
Sparkie and Roger dance to the music. Our Sturgeon Bay entertainers sing a country song.
Another beautiful cake to celebrate our special day. Staff serve the great dinner to our guests.
Sturgeon Bay residents and guests enjoy the day. A beautiful day in Door County.
Kris and the Sturgeon Bay staff are always here to serve you.