Dinner 2010

Appreciation 2010 special cake We had a Packer theme and everyone dressed for it.
MiMi enjoyed the day. Verna was dressed in green and gold.
Staff wore their Packer colors for the day. Ella had a great time!
Roger and his sister-in-law enjoyed the food. Minni loved eating outside under the tent.
Pat enjoyed her company and the music that day. Lorraine was in great spirits.
Dave had his grandsons there for the day. Janet smiles big.
Frank enjoys all the people and the music. Mary Ellen is dressed for success.
Jean and her grandson share a special moment. Milton is ready to party.
Elaine and Lois enjoy the food. Marion loves the Packer theme.
Clara and her granddaughter share the spotlight. Helen loves her Green Bay Packers.
Celine waves as she enjoys a warm summer breeze. The tent outside keeps everyone cool.
Bob and Karen peek inside the Packer van. Bob and Nancy look inside the Packer van.
Bob congratulates Joyce for twelve years of service with the company. Bob congratulates Karen for eighteen years of service with the company.
Children come to hit the pinata. A dad helps swing the bat.
Family members help each other try to get the pinata down. A little one is helped by his mom.
Melody helps her daughter swing the bat. Candy for all!
Grab the candy quick! Joyce with her two daughters.
Gina with her mother. Roger dances to the polka beat.
Karen is ready to give flowers to the winner of the day. Verna wins the prize for the most guests.
The staff pause after a successful appreciation dinner. Kim likes Packers, Diana likes Vikings.
Clara's son supplied the Packer van. Bob loves the Packer theme.
Don thought the day was great.