Dinner 2012

Dorothy prepares the chicken kabobs for our appreciation dinner. Louise and her daughter pose so prettily!
MiMi was the grand prize winner for the best hat! Jim sports a snappy hat for our appreciation dinner.
Karen wears her wedding hat as she visits with Jim. Laverne smiles big.
Elaine's blue eyes match her hat. Elsie enjoys her daughter's company.
Anne thinks the party's great! Helen sports a special hat for our appreciation dinner.
Jim's family was here, including his great-grandson. Lucille was the grand prize winner for having 18 guests for the day.
Agnes' hat matches her outfit! Theresa sports a big smile.
Pat visits with her daughter and great-granddaughter. Kay looks beautiful in her hat.
Dee and Sandy are having a great time. Celine and her son Larry enjoy each other's company.
Kelly and Lori from Unity Hospice joined us for the day. Milton and family enjoyed our appreciation dinner.
Laverne and her daughter Karen smiled for the camera. Ruth and Clayton enjoy each other's company.
Kathy and Karen are happy it's a beautiful day. The ladies from the Red & Purple Hat Society came, too.
It was a festive atmosphere. MiMi and Donna sport their fancy hats.
Cindy and Ray enjoy being outside under the big tent. Agnes and family enjoy the beautiful day.
Bev and her mom said the food was wonderful. Employee Jaime wears a milk carton hat for the day.
Our entertainers were Loren and Don. We had activities for the children in the front yard.
Perfect weather (low 80's) for our appreciation dinner. Everyone relaxed under the big tent and listened to the music.
We had games for the children. People were sitting and dancing to our live entertainment.
Lucille and family enjoy the day. Clayton and Ruth loved sitting under the tent.
Kris enoyed the festive atmosphere. The entertainment could be seen from under the tent.
Our dessert buffet was awesome! The decorations were colorful.
Everyone in the neighborhood knew we were having a party. The pinata for the children was a big hit.
Everyone got a turn with the pinata. Our "hat's off to you" appreciation dinner was a big hit.
Even the youngest people attending had big smiles. The staff of Cardinal Ridge outdid themselves again, throwing a great appreciation dinner for our residents.