More Birthdays

Marjorie turned 104 in August. Pearl celebrated her birthday with cake and balloons.
Celine blew out candles in September. Annette was laughing and having a good time in October.
Elsie had an October birthday. Don had a great birthday party in April.
Roger celebrated in style in April. Bernice was born in the month of May.
Rose Marie got pretty flowers for her birthday. Sparkie celebrates her birthday in March.
Hazel celebrates another year. Al celebrates his 99th birthday with family.
Elaine celebrates her birthday with cherry pie. Lorraine celebrates with three pies!
Minni celebrates her special day with balloons and cake. Pat is surrounded by her son and daughters for her special birthday.
MiMi celebrates her 101st birthday with her daughter Donna. Clara celebrates her birthday with her family.
Celine celebrates her 78th birthday with a special cake. Milton's birthday was celebrated at Curly's Pub with an ice cream sundae.
Helen celebrates her birthday with her son, Steve, and his wife. Elaine enjoys cherry pie for her birthday.
Helen's 89th birthday brought a special smile.