2009 Events

Kathy and Bob entertain us just before Christmas. Celine and Santa enjoy a moment together.
Sparkie and Hazel give Santa a big hug. Kay, Florence, and Bob enjoy the New Year's Eve party.
Mugga enjoys her treats and champagne on New Year's Eve. Mae celebrates New Year's Eve with her family.
Elsie is ready to toot her horn on New Year's Eve! Peggy enjoys a quiet moment with her grandmother.
Laverne giggle with glee during the games with the school-age children. Pat attempts to throw her paper airplane through the hula hoop!
Bingo, anyone? Margaret looks on as her mother Pat repots her plant.
Minni gives Loren LeBlanc a big hug. Laniece drinks her green beer on St. Patrick's Day!
Easter decorations by the dining room fireplace. Staff and Roger, who attended the Alzheimer's Memory Walk.
Ella strings Cheerios for an outside bird treat. Roger and Lorraine think they made the longest Cheerio rope!
Marion and Lorraine enjoy a meal together at Tucson's Southwest Grill.