2010 Events

Lois enjoys cotton candy at Bay Beach. MiMi hasn't tasted cotton candy for a long time - it tastes so good!
Roger and Minni rest a spell as they enjoy their cotton candy. Verna is thinking, "Can it get any better than this?"
Dennis, Joyce, Dorothy, and Cindy are along for a fun day at Bay Beach. Dorothy and Karen enjoy the cotton candy.
Cindy and Roger share a hug at Bay Beach. The gang decides which ride we want to go on.
Minni and Dorothy wait in line for the train. Anticipation!
Minni and Karen finally get on the ride. Verna, Cindy, MiMi, and Roger wait for the train to take off.
Cindy and MiMi are full of smiles. Cindy, MiMi, and Verna can't wait for the train to start.
Dorothy and Dennis look forward to a fun ride. Dennis and Roger are ready to go.
All aboard! We prepare for the first turn.
Minni enjoys the cat during pet therapy time. Frank pets the pony at C&D Ranch near Egg Harbor.
Verna is face to face with a beautiful pony. Dorothy helps the residents feed carrots to the pony.
Lorraine holds her hand flat as the pony eagerly eats the carrots. Milton gets a smooch from the white pony.
Next we went to the Log Den for lunch. Roger and Frank enjoy a great meal at the Log Den.
Milton and his daughter Cindy share a special time. Margaret and her mother Pat enjoy their time at the Log Den.
Lorraine's ready to spice things up at the Log Den. Diane, Minni, and friend are ready for a tasty meal.