2011 Events

Clara admires her handiwork with Easter eggs. Kay loves the color red.
Roger thinks this is fun! Elaine is going for a deep, dark color.
Milton wants a blue egg. Celine is enjoying dyeing Easter eggs.
Lucille focuses on her task of coloring eggs. Celine and Clara enjoy each other's company as they dye eggs.
Milton and Minni dance to Vern Nussbaum's wonderful entertainment.  
Bob Larson entertains us for Christmas week. Jim is visited by Santa and Kayla with her antlers.
Helen gets a present from Santa. Clara gets a hug from Santa.
Milton gets a gift from Santa for being a good boy! Margaret, Pat, and Santa strike a pose.
Louise and Santa snuggle close. Loren LeBlanc teaches Santa to yodel.
St. Mark Lutheran School sings Christmas carols to us. Santa's elves strike a pose.
Louise says, "Happy New Year!" Kay lifts her glass for a happy, healthy new year.
Elsie has a big glass of New Year's cheer. Lucille is ready to bring in the new year.