2012 Events

Roland enjoyed St. Patrick's Day at Cardinal Ridge. Kay is surrounded by family at Cardinal Ridge.
Ray and Kay are our special couple here at Cardinal Ridge. Roger catches and hugs the Easter bunnies.
Dorothy and Roland enjoy a special moment on our outing at Noodles & Co. Clara's son Jim does a Liberace impersonation.
Clara's son Jim does a George Burns impersonation. Jim sings to Celine an Elvis song.
Jim does an Elvis impersonation that was excellent. Jean celebrates Cinco de Mayo.
Clara sports a Mexican hat for Cinco de Mayo. Roger is a feisty hombre for Cinco de Mayo.
Kay and Ray enjoy the day. Louise celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican hat.
Elsie pauses for a moment on Cinco de Mayo. Agnes strikes a pose for Cinco de Mayo.
Roland and Dorothy celebrate Cinco de Mayo together. Staff Elspeth, Mary, Debbie, and Julie celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our residents.
The Boxer Molly wears her scrubs as she helps Dorothy on the night shift. Clayton and Ruth decorate pumpkins.
Newlyweds for 64 years! Laverne had fun decorating her pumpkin.
Milton laughed as he decorated his pumpkin. Jim enjoyed decorating the pumpkin.
Ursula and Minnie (sisters) give each other a hug. Sparky and Betty enjoy each other's company.
Ursula and Minnie share a special time at Cardinal Ridge.