2014 Events

Louise and Clare prepare Valentine gifts for our residents. Mary and Shirley get a little help from Valerie.
Marcella enjoys making the Valentine decorations. The Honky-Tonk Kickers entertained.
Line dancing was fun to watch! They were so entertaining; we loved them.
Everyone was in step to the music. Laverne was our queen for the day for Valentine's Day.
Clayton was our king for the day. Jane enjoyed her garlic shrimp.
Shirley loved the baked potato. Bob said, "Let's eat!"
Clare thought it was a special Valentine's Day. Mary wore pink that day.
Marcella enjoyed the feast. Gene says hello!
Bob thought the day was very special. Christine and Clayton loved being together on Valentine's Day.
Leroy thought the meal was great. Lucille loved every morsel.
Helen was visited by her daughters that day. Elsie had a Mona Lisa smile.
Jean loved the shrimp. Ellen Ruth dug right in!
Dee loved every minute of the day. We had chocolate-covered strawberries.