Our family wishes to thank you, Karen, and all your staff for the wonderful care you gave our brother.

We certainly picked the right final home for him. He loved it there at the end, and told us how happy he was being there.

God bless all of you.

Mike and Dorothy M.

Dear Mr. Anderson:

My father was recently a patient at Cardinal Ridge Assisted Living until he passed away on February 7, 2010.

My mother is still a current resident there.

We want to express to you the excellent care that was given to him, even though he became very difficult toward the end of his life. However, he must have been well liked by the staff, because when the workers knew the time was near, they even came into Cardinal Ridge on their days off to say good-bye to him. He lingered longer than we expected and everyone was so kind to our whole family. They always made sure we were as comfortable as possible and paid special attention to my mother to make sure she was with him when necessary and also assuring her that she could get some rest when he was going OK.

We laid him to rest on Wednesday and the workers checked on her and even offered to move her to a different table to eat if she was going to be uncomfortable with the empty seat next to her at the dinner table, but she declined and chose to stay with the friends she had made.

Saturday, February 13, two of the workers came into her room with a couple of roses and told her that was her Valentines from Gil. What a thoughtful and caring thing to do.

All the workers that were able came to the church and paid their respects at the church the day of the funeral and a beautiful plant was sent from Cardinal Ridge.

We are so happy that my mother is there because we know there are always wonderful people looking out for her.

Her one and only little complaint is that she wishes they would not serve fish twice a day on Friday. Even Catholics only have to not eat meat during Lent on Fridays the rest of the year is perfectly acceptable. Otherwise she is very happy with the food assortment.

Again, I just want you to be aware of the exceptional staff you have and appreciate them because we have seen other places that were not even close to being so attentive.

Thank you,
Steve H.

Dear Karen,

Just want to give you and your staff a great big thank you for the excellent care you gave Marie for over 2 1/2 years. You and your staff treat everyone with compassion and concern. Her meds were always given on time and she loved the food. Her coffee each morning was a must. In the winter C.R. was always warm and cozy, great aromas coming from the kitchen. In summer it was cool and refreshing, no odors.

C.R. decorated for every occasion and that gave a feeling of home. Christmas was always so beautiful. The residents were busy if they chose, bingo, etc. Birthdays were celebrated, balloons and all.

It's hard to take someone out of their home but C.R. made that decision much easier.

When I was on vacation or away for the weekend, I never worried knowing Marie was getting the best of care.

The monthly newsletter is so interesting and keeps you informed of what your loved one is doing.

The outings each month gave the residents something to look forward to. Marie had lunch at Curly's before I did, that's great.

Thank you for everything and keep up the excellent work. You are an angel of mercy!

God bless, take care,
Donna S.

Karen and Crew,

A wish that all of you beautiful gals have a wonderful Easter! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for my dad and how very kind you are to him.

We couldn't have picked a better place for him to spend his last years (hopefully). I feel so close to every one of you.

God bless, love,

Karen and Staff,

Thank you for taking such good care of my grandmother.

Steve V.

Karen and Staff,

Thank you for the care and attention you give to my mother. I notice that even little things (like wiping food off her shoes) are attended to. It gives me a peace of mind to know Mom is in a safe, clean, well-staffed, friendly place.

Thank you!

Doris' Daughter, Deidra S. 

Thank you for the peace lily you sent for Toni's funeral. Also thanks to all of you for your great care you showed Toni during her stay with you. 

To all my friends,

I just wanted to say a big thank you, and to tell you all how touched I am by all that you have done for me. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of kind words, prayers, flowers, balloons, cards, visits, calls,and food.

I feel so blessed to be working with such an incredible group of co-workers. You are the best! I miss you all and hope to be back with you as soon as I am able.

With love,
Elspeth (an employee of Cardinal Ridge)

Karen and Staff,

Thank you to all of you for what you did to make a home for my mother, Carrie Blohowiak, for over two years. I know it wasn't easy for her to move - but I think now after a month she does appreciate the extra help she now needs. Thanks also to those who have visited her at her new home.

Take care,
Judy F.

To the staff at Cardinal Ridge,

Thanks for being a friend to my mother, Hazel.

Hazel and Lonnie

Karen and all the girls,

A simple thank you hardly seems sufficient for the appreciation that we feel for all of you. You made things much easier for us, knowing that Marie was being so well taken care of. Your loving care will never be forgotten. Also, thank you for coming to the wake and the dinner. We're sure that Marie was "singing" to all of you from on high!! Again, thank you for the wonderful job you do and for the beautiful plant. Every time we look at it we think of you and the friendships that you gave us.

Love from,
Larry and Mary Ann

Dear Kris,

Thank you again for all you did for Jeanette - the flowers, blanket, sweater, and most of all your time and kindness.

In appreciation,
Don & Kaye S.

Dear Kris and "Girls,"

Thank you so much for the pictures and beautiful cedar tree you sent in memory of Dad. The tree was exactly right - Dad loved the outdoors and so appreciated God's creation; I'm sure you all heard him talk about it!

We were very touched as well that some of you came to the service. It was in keeping with the wonderful care you gave him, and we are grateful for that as well.

The Family of Adrian F.

To the staff:

Thank you so much for all the love and care you provided for my Grandma Elsie. I so appreciate it! Thank you all so much!

Anne M.

Dear Kris,

Where do I begin? Thank you so much for taking such good care of my Dad these past years. We could not have asked for any better, your staff could not have been nicer or done more for him. It really turned out to be a home away from home for Dad.

Thanks ever so much,


Frank has come a long way since being "rescued" last summer.

Upon initial evaluation Dr. Schmitz said that without everyone's intervention Frank would have passed away in a very short time.

Three quarters of a year later, in the spring of 2011 Frank started to receive very positive medical evaluations.

We complemented Dr. Schmitz for saving Frank's life.  Dr. Schmitz said 99% of the credit goes to Cardinal Ridge.

Our family is incredibly grateful to Cardinal Ridge, Karen Bain, and all of the wonderful staff.

Our prayers will always be with the wonderful people at Cardinal Ridge as they so wonderfully caress the hearts of so many of "God's Children."

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Dearest Karen,

Thank you for the invitation to your annual appreciation dinner. I have e-mailed the invitation to my siblings. They will respond to you directly if they are interested.

As for me, I will regrettfully decline. I know this event is really a GREAT time, but I guess my way of coping has been to pretty much distance myself from the last year of mom's life and all the challenges we all faced during those times. Recently I sat down to record a few of the memories I have of both my mom and my dad (he passed in Dec. of '94) and that has lightened my heart considerably.

There were some times I know that my mom was very cute while she stayed with you. At other times she certainly gave you a 'run for your money'. But through every circumstance thrown your way you ALL were kind and gentle, both to her and to us. I think about Cardinal Ridge and your professional care and I still apprecite that.

My favorite recollection of her is during the week before she died. She had been bedridden since Saturday. Our son, Nathan, and his wife, Julie, had come to visit on Monday night. She was dressed in that lovely soft pink floral nightgown (that she always said was too pretty to wear). She was well aware that we were there, but she was just resting.

I rummaged through the drawers and found the album of their 50th anniversary. This interested Julie because the pictures were taken when Nathan was just 17 years old. Julie was looking at all the pictures with him in them. Then she ran across a picture of Mom and Dad kissing. As Julie showed it to Mom, she made the funniest face ever as though she was very embarrassed and as if she were just 17 again. We all giggled. That was just precious.

I want to let you know that I am still eternally grateful for the active role Cardinal Ridge played in the last years of mom's life. You and your entire staff are the most loving extended family she had. It was no coincidence that Ron, Rose Anne, and I were directed to your care. That's for sure.

Have a great picnic. Give my love to everyone there.